Collaborators and suppliers located on the other side of the world or, for some, maybe at a shorter distance, but still in so-called foreign lands. We are not talking about a future perspective; rather, about a fact going on at present and which can be proved by simply observing the corporate supply chains in the 21st century.

It is the reflection of a globalized economic Outlook, where companies open up routes over the ocean searching for better outsourcing alternatives in Bothe spheres of equipment and products, and handwork. Besides reducing costs and acquiring cutting-edge technology, the contracting processes within the Global Sourcing sphere can foster "disruptive" innovations, thus revolutionizing sectors or even an entire segment.

Folks Group understand the need to get the best acquisitions in supplies; therefore, it has a complete structure to develop products, raw materials, and services abroad, including both import and export processes.

Folks Group insists on modulating the certification and control by starting out with a Plant Inspection in order to then inspect products, pre-manufacturing, and pre-shipment, also supervising the compliance with norms and analyzing assay results. This is all performed with attention towards the merchandise's or service’s quality layers before acquisition so as to avoid such unpleasant surprises as unsuccessful buying. Only this way will it be guaranteed that the client’s expectations are met from the very first business done, thus starting out a prosperous path for other long-term works.

The Global Sourcing service can be entailed to foreign trade assistance in order to provide diversified solutions when doing business with companies from other nations. And all of this has individualized service, with approach in Portuguese, Spanish, or English according to the client's fluency.

The Folks Group team is also ready to guide and facilitate logistic projects in all activities sought by your company, granting fiscal and financial benefits through renowned corporations.

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