Photovoltaic Panels
Since 2017, we have been importing and distributing Photovoltaic Panels, as well as photovoltaic generator kits.

We also meet demands with traditional panel photovoltaic generator sets.

Our main product is frameless dual glass panels, serving both large farms and niche segments of the BIPV (Photovoltaic Integration in Building) segment. We also meet demands with traditional frame kits and panels.

With the Importer's direct distribution, we encourage a culture of sustainability, providing energy autonomy and generating significant savings in the monthly energy cost of your residence, farm, beach and country house, condominiums, industries, schools, colleges and others.

SEP 40

SEAP40 180W

SEP 60

SEAP60 275W

SEP 72 - 325W

SEAP72 325W

SEP 72 - 330W

SEAP72 330W

Almaden Dual Glass Panels

Energy saving
Through professionals of the segment, a simulation is made, using the energy bills of the last 12 months, and presentation of the best energy autonomy solution to the indicated location.

Energy Invoice Before / Energy Invoice After:

Get a simulation and be amazed at the savings you will have in the coming years.

Beside is a report of power generation. In Red is the current consumption of the unit and in Gray is the old consumption.

The average increase in energy consumption was 28% over old consumption.

Sealing System
Waterproof sealing system.
High quality, lightweight and durable aluminum housing.

  • The thinnest in its class with 2mm front glass and 2mm rear glass;
  • Dispenses grounding;
  • 30 year warranty on linear power;
  • Unique sealing system offering waterproof warranty;
  • Some models allow luminance transmission with up to 40% transparency


Some examples of installation in Brazil
Brasília - DF - Brazil

São José dos Campos - SP - Brazil
Some examples of installation in the world