Other Services
The globalization phenomenon has brought opportunities to cross any border beyond the local points and the comfort zone itself created by companies within their geographic axis.

With solidified experience in years of activity and with efforts 100% towards international trade activities, Folks Group relies on a wide range of services based upon global sourcing strategies and operationalization alternatives to start and finish the foreign trade transactions cycle.

Yes, your company can now rely on import and export solutions, equipment contracting, services, products, and raw material without worrying about bureaucratic issues or rather lengthy deadlines. We are committed to finding the needed item and making it available for your company to proceed with productive expansion, performing accurate quotations, and searching for the best prices and quality levels.

The Folks Group team is able to guide and work out on customs clearance, qualification in radar for Operation in the Siscomex System, and Import License Issuance with MAPA / ANVISA / IBAMA / DECEX / Air Force / Army / Anatel / Inmetro, and other authoritative bodies.

Services can be accompanied by complete assistance for guidance in all of the company's international logistics processes regardless of their complexity and documental analysis demand. Folks Group is present throughout your foreign trade route, expanding your scope of competitive differentials before an increasingly stricter market.

From the very first assistance phase, you can rely on individualized service to clear all your doubts and clarify punctual issues.

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