Recycling Machines
Practices aiming to preserve natural resources for the future generations without harming the economic, social, and cultural development of a nation are the basis of sustainability – a concept which has gained form, tone, and attention not only in the governmental sphere, but also in the corporate one, in the past few years.

Companies form the most varied segments and sizes are steadily climbing up to implement sustainable strategies in both external disclosure campaigns and internally, in their production phases. The objective is to come up with projects capable of meeting the sustainability parameters in all phases of business.

Folks Group believes in such effort, and therefore, is engaged in providing solutions fully targeted to environmental preservation and material re-utilization. An example of such is that of Recycling Machines which may be imported directly with the manufacturers, in a fast, bureaucracy-free process, managed by our team of assistants specializing in global sourcing and foreign trade.

They are high-tech options for recycling tires and rubber – including OTR, large truck and car tires, with capacity of up to 20 tons/hour - paper, wood, solid residue, electronic residue, and various metals. After the process is finished, the machines manage to establish between 95% and 99% of textile-residue-free rubber, 99% steel-free, and 99% free of other contaminants. Steel reaches 95% to 97% purity.

All such advancements in recycling methods are made possible only because Folks Group flies higher and higher searching for the best ever in the international market.

And do not worry about any bureaucratic details. Assistance by Folks Group covers all customs document analysis and legalization in Brazil, without any major difficulties or long delays in fiscal concessions.

If your industry needs Recycling Machines for managing sustainable projects, do not put off getting in touch with Folks Group. Assistance is individualized and focusing on the correct interpretation of your expectations, a differential leading to the correct scope of solutions to serve you most effectively.