Plastic Processing Machines
The plastic and rubber structure supplying industries rely on more and more modern production parks, with elaborate machinery for processing these materials with maximum quality and efficiency.

Unquestionably, technological advances have brought state-of-the-art equipment items, but many corporations find bureaucratic and technical drawbacks to import the machines needed for the automation of their manufacturing lines.

Folks Group understands the Brazilian industrial outlook and so embraced the mission to provide the best solutions in machines for the most varied corporate sectors. Companies dedicated to plastic and rubber processing find a number of automated alternatives in the business area of Folks Group coming from renowned technological poles, such as China, Canada, and countries in Europe.

There are several options to Plastic Processing Machines for blow-molding, extruders, injectors, recycling, manufacturing of handbags, Zip-type bags, pick-pointed plastic spools, trash bags, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, injected pieces, among others. It is all for your company to upgrade its production park into a first-world standard, with all technological ease which can only be acquired in the foreign markets.

And the purchasing process occurs with no major bureaucracy; just leave all details up to the team of assistants specialized in foreign trade and global sourcing. Issues related to the analysis of customs documents and legalization of merchandise in national lands are part of Folks Group's work, accomplishing the mission of making any import process easy for industries, whether from the primary, secondary, or tertiary sector.

Regardless of the machine intended for plastic and rubber processing, Folks Group performs previous quotation, surveys on performance statistics - based on great international market references - and offers consulting to discover the most economical ways for acquisition, thus ensuring your clinching excellent business.

And this all comes along with a service praising relevance to the client's expectations and for reaching his objectives. That is the very reason why the Folks Group team is able to conduct customized assistance and forecast the ideal scope of machinery solutions for the Brazilian industry.