Movie Theater Room Equipment
The movie and audiovisual industry has been at full speed, proving that art and culture also have their place in the market and drive a significant share of the world's economy. Also, thank to the constant digital innovations in the spheres of entertainment business, image capture and reproduction have had their technological gain and costs reduced, which culminated in larger production flows.

Keeping up with such growth, Folks Group has set aside a special space in its business area, focusing on importing state-of-the-art Movie Theater Room Equipment. All options originate from renowned suppliers of the international cinema sector, thus ensuring high performance of each technology and an audiovisual experience excelling the spectator's expectations.

With Folks Group your company manages to acquire complete sets, Digital Projectors, 3D Projectors, Special Chairs, VIP Chairs, Popcorn Machines, Digital Servers, Screens, Special Coatings, as well as complete Audio Equipment and Fixtures. Even technologies made available in the remotest markets can be purchased directly through Folks Group, relying on a team specializing in global sourcing and foreign trade.

The purchasing action involves document analysis, customs clearance, and other bureaucratic details for equipment legalization throughout the national territory. Yet there is nothing to worry about: Folks Group's assistance covers all legal processes required to import these products.

The client can follow up the “status” of his order with Folks Group's team, who will clear all doubts and guide you concerning the best acquisition alternatives, enhancing your business features.

And this is all in an individualized assistance allowing the client to put acros all his objectives with equipment and closely check all references involving such technology. The idea is to outline a precise scope to the most feasible solutions for your undertaking, thus reaching a high level of satisfaction with contract signature.

If your company needs movie theater room equipment, get in touch with Folks Group and learn more about our possibilities!