Import By Order
The corporate outlook in several countries has already reached globalization merits, winning the nickname as "internationalized" as they need to perform import transactions to maintain and expand themselves with broad competitive edge.

Folks Group follows up all fluctuations and changes in this global scenario, and therefore offers the Import By Order service, making goods acquisitions abroad easy for further re-sale to the contract-predetermined ordering company.

In practice, it works as follows: Folks Group plays the importer part and acquires the desired merchandise by the ordering company, with its own financial resources. Next, there occurs the direct sale to the company requesting the merchandise, in a timely deadline and with all legal bureaucracy already taken care of.

Before re-selling, Folks Group tales steps - with the competent custom bodies - to nationalize the merchandise so as to ensure the same fiscal effects as those of imports performed by the company itself.

It is worth pointing out that - in this import modality - all payment exchange operations are performed on behalf of the importer, according to the guidelines imposed by the Central Bank of Brazil, in the Regulations for the Exchange Market and International Capital.

Doubtlessly, Folks Group complies with such guidelines, thus avoiding any possibility of fraudulent interposition by third party or customs problems which would prevent the merchandise from entering Brazilian territory. The team relies on assistants specializing in foreign trade in order to evaluate all quality factors to the products and ensure maximum effectiveness in the Import-By-Order process.

The service is done in Spanish, English, or Portuguese, whether the client is in Brazil or elsewhere. Folks Group also offers a number of services focusing on global sourcing, providing strategic consulting for corporations wishing to outsource their supply chain in foreign lands.

With broad knowledge on global economic trends, the Folks Group‘s team is ready to guide your company by the most promising international routes, helping in all phases of the import process, export, and other corporate solutions.

For more information about Import By Order, do not hesitate to contact us. Folks Group will have its doors open to serve you in individualized assistance, looking up to your criteria, and seeking to excel your expectations.