Import on Behalf of Third Party
The recent internationalization of corporations in the most varied segments and sizes has made machine and products imports a routine practice, even indispensable for a good deal of companies all over the world.

In order to make the import process easier, Folks Group has brought an assertive solution, allowing companies to converge their efforts solely into selling their products or services and effective serve their client portfolio without worrying about bureaucratic issues of the operational proceedings.

The title of such possibility is: Import on Behalf of Third Party. Specifically, it can be defined as merchandise import customs clearance, carried out by means of a trustee - namely Folks Group - to legally represent the acquirer and be allowed to handle all legal phases of the foreign transaction.

It is also possible to purchase a complete package for logistic planning - Door to Door - not only including dispatch execution, but also price quotation, carrier hiring, conducting business abroad, insurance, and other services.

Folks Group really goes beyond its commitment and offers Import on Behalf of Third Party with all such ease, getting your company’s administration free to devote itself to your business primary issues. In such modality, Folks Group itself takes on full responsibility for the import action, becoming the official importer, in a contract previously signed with the acquirer – that is, with the company interested in purchasing goods and / or services from abroad.

Although it may look like a far too complex process, it is actually something simple and completely safe, considering that import on behalf of third party is backed up by article 1 of IN SRF no. 225/02 and article 12, § 1°, I, of IN SRF nº 247/02.

The Folks Group's team is ready to assist companies of the most varied sectors, advising on the best solutions to foreign trade and global sourcing, according to the client’s expectations and objectives. Consulting comprises a three-language approach to ensure clear understanding of talks to enterprisers anywhere in the world, regardless of their language is.

For more information on Import on Behalf of Third Party and other services, get in touch with the Folks Group's team. You will be timely attended to and be able to immediately cross international bridges connecting your company to the world!