The growing dynamism in the market has culminated in more and more competitive economic scenarios, thus demanding more boldness form corporations to step onto foreign lands and push their brands far beyond their country of origin, exporting their goods and / or services.

Nevertheless, export triumph only occurs when the company treads the right paths in foreign trade and relies on smart logistic throughout the process phases. Of course, taking merchandises across the sea and land is not a simple task; mainly when there are a number of issues to address in all sectors.

Folks Group offers your company the possibility to thoroughly outsource the documental analysis of exports, including issuance of the certificates of origin and a complete package of solutions comprising internal and international freight, insurance, product collection, and strategic assistance to ensure clinching the best business.

And this is all done in follow up, that is: your company follows up the export phases in each bureaucratic aspect, according to the established business condition between Importer and Exporter - whether it is Works, FOB, and CIF, or another modality. It is from such documental analysis and its respective certificates that the Export Register may be obtained in order to finally declare export and start its shipment.

In the cases where register changes are needed, Folks Group copes with the new analyses called for by customs clearance, timely rectifying it and linking it once again to the declaration to ship the goods. Next, the exporting company may follow up the register status, checking its situation up to the moment of annotation.

When relying on Folks Group's export service, your company saves more time to focus on the business primary issues without worrying about foreign-trade-related bureaucracy and they can also rely on global sourcing assistance to implement internationalization strategies in their supply chain.

All these possibilities are presented in an individualized service, with its approach in English, Portuguese, or Spanish, and previous consulting to collect all of the client’s expectations and main objectives with exports.

Contact the Folks Group's team to clear all your doubts. It will be a pleasure to serve you by telephone, e-mail, or welcome you at one of our offices!