Who We Are
Folks Group has the mission of facilitating the opening of international routes, presenting multiple forms of importing, exporting, and performing negotiations with suppliers and clients located anywhere in the world.

Starting from solid concepts to drive global economy, Folks Group helps companies in all expansion phases calling for knowledge on global sourcing and other strategies capable of simplifying the bidding and acquisition process in an international outlook.

With a team of specialized professionals, we take all the import and export solutions to you, as well as outsourcing services to supply chain regarding its operation, production, logistics, and management.

These alliances and commercial tactics, provided by Folks Group, will surely tend to bring forth leaps of quality for your product or end service, besides significant cost reduction. When relying on international suppliers, your company reaches supremacy in technology, and is quite likely to foster profit from positive conversions.

The outcome is the strengthening in value scale and technical and market bottleneck elimination. Contact us to find all alternatives.

Folks Group will be delighted to serve you, offering complete assistance to international actions. Folks Group, Incorporating Solutions.