Folks Group has, for many years, a strong partnership with Colombian company INORCA, which specializes in various types of seats.

Thus, we have the ability to meet, with the highest quality and efficiency, demands for the entire line of seats for auditoriums, cinemas, amphitheaters and churches.

With products developed to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort, we guarantee the durability of the parts, which can be used in the most varied environments.

Among the types of armchairs distributed by Folks are models with:

• Retractable or fixed seat;
• Fixed backrest with inclination or reclining stages;
• Injected polyurethane foams;
• Armchairs for people with special needs;
• Cup holders;
• Side lighting and numbering identification;
• Company logo embroidered on the seat back;
• Different finishing and finishing options;

All seats are in compliance with ABNT standards, as well as NR17 compliance reports regarding product ergonomics.

Quality seats and high durability? Talk to the Folks Group.

Ecco Cinema Chair

Avant Max Chair

Babylon Chair

Ecco Chair

Nova Chair

Lira Chair

Svelta Chair

Mila Chair

Optima Chair

Turin Chair

Rio Chair

Verona Chair

Kronos Chair

Iris Chair

Milano Chair

Euphoria Chair

Titanika Chair

Ares Chair

Baronia Chair

Bali Chair

Miranda Chair

Muka Chair

Lucca Chair

Genova Chair

Lisbon Chair

Lucca Fr Chair

Privacy Panels Chair